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A breed of choice – the APBT is not everyone’s cup of tea - MK.

Then come

to realize!

Dogs are not our whole life – but they make our lives whole.
Live your life with your dog do not let it become just another piece of garden furniture.
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Then also

know this!

At Manjaro’s I will not sugar-coat or white wash the “real” APBT breed for any reason. I will only reflect the truth about this breed and then … with no uncertain terms. The truth is the truth even if no one believes it and a lie is a lie even if everyone believes it.

Then also

know this!

The APBT is not pack animal and will not peacefully live with other dogs or animals.

This breed of dog stems from purposefully and genetically and best to best bred performance catch dogs (born catch dogs) with high prey and other drives.

With these awesome attributes derived from their bull and terrier ancestors the APBT will then by nature and also because they were genetically bred to be – will naturally be aggressive to other dogs and animals a-like – just like most Bulldogs and terrier dog breeds do.


Please download my PDF with more info, facts and important points you need to know!

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Manjaro APBT kennel is the home of Balkan {Davor’s Vili bloodline since 2002 - Cro-line bloodline (Mayday /Vili) (from 2015} – registered purebred “real” American Pit Bull terriers & with our outcrosses.  

At Manjaro’s you will also find some of the best bred Bolio (direct from imported stock since 1982).

 Also Mayday bloodlines from 1999. Chinaman bloodlines (2004). Red Boy/Jocko (2018).  Then with our in-house /and with our partners family line bloodline breeding’s.


At Manjaro’s it will be about the awesome –“real purebred registered “real APBT breed of dog” without no uncertain terms.

 The APBT is the most misunderstood breed of dog known but also the most vibrant and spoke about breed worldwide.

 That said – this breed of dog are also not everyone’s cup of tea.


This is not a barky dog but if it barks there will be reason for the barking. The “real APBT” – bred according to this breeds breeding worldwide accepted breed standard is a medium size dog.  Breeding standard - weight between +- 15.5 – 35.0 kg – if over this weight then it’s bred away from the APBT accepted breeding standard or simply not a purebred Pit Bull or crossed. Manjaro APBT dogs  – the “real game bred APBT or game dog” as “some” referred to them, “if bred from game proven parents” are genetically and by breed type equipped with a (key ingredient) perfect complementary predator typically breed type conformation (unreal if conditioned).

Perfect “designed” to be just that  … catch dog and bulldogs – a definitive working dog and as such also proven as super competitive athletes “in any array of dog sport” …  renowned as the ultra-sporting dog … highly performance driven … with no fear … & a typical APBT’s with never give up attitude, exceptional high prey & other drives and “unreal abilities as Bulldogs”. Equip to do what they were born to do.

Today the APBT is the ultimate dog breed as renowned sought after catch, working, sporting & family dogs for any sporting dog discipline.

 Know this!

This breed of dog requires constant socialization, management & adequate daily exercise to be a good canine citizen. The “real” APBT is the only Bulldog with “pit” in its name!
Without doubt the most sought after breed of dog in South Africa and worldwide!

Also know this!

The APBT is d
og and animal aggressive - never leave this dog unsupervised with animals or other dogs. This - the same APBT … so versatile as all-rounder and renowned as the ultra-dog today … was handed to us in South Africa by the first original imports by Liquorice Kid Kennels.

This - the same APBT, also historically renowned as originally Bull & Terrier bred and utilised by farmers and hunters as working catch dogs and companion dogs - managing and containing ferocious unruly big livestock or wild animals  - can easily take down abull.These coveted catch dogs then progressed were then specifically and were purposely bred … best to best and came into their own as the APBT breed as a medium size dog … also utilized by men in of all walks of life throughout history as the ultimate fighting dog in organized pit fights with dogs and other animals alike.

Through time & in history - from the very beginnings and from this breeds ancestors and later then resulted and evolved into a recognised and wold wide recognized breed of dog … as Pit Bull terriers – through this same time & in history these same dogs was also parallel utilized as a trusted family & companion dogs of note by families and farmers and men of all walks of life!This - the same APBT today, are also and more so successfully utilized (then specifically trained to be) working sporting ability competitive dogs in APBT competitions and contest - in any & all dog sporting discipline. This - the same APBT today, are also and more so successfully utilized (then specifically trained to be) by the military, police, border control, in various settings.
Then also as specialist in bomb and drug detection and a natural for working security dogs and attack dogs in various settings.

Manjaro kennel’s declaration.

“With Manjaro’s and with our kennel bred American Pit Bull terrier’s family line” you don’t have to make any excuses.
Just experience “real” APBT dogs - Manjaro dogs are dogs in a class of their own.

Either you will know this or you won’t.
The “real” APBT breed of no fear catch dogs same as from yesteryear… Bred and breeding goals same as like yesteryear …
True to “real” APBT breed standard of yesteryear …

Then also know this!

“Real” APBT’s are and will be “other dog & animal aggressive” – by nature and by genetics - bred as catch & fighting dogs – “real” APBT are not suited as pack animal dogs ever – same like yesteryear…
Manjaro APBT’s with traits,
working temperament, conformation, working & other drives & awesome abilities same as like yesteryear... This is the ultimate in family dog same as like yesteryear... With no uncertain terms.

Then also know this!

The “domesticated dog” is not almost human (even if by our treating and spoiling them as such) - and I know of no greater insult to the canine race to describe them as such.

Know also know this!
Dogs are animals
– and with the “real APBT” ... with a wolf within!


 Then also know this!

In order to really enjoy your dog – one should not merely try to train them to be semi human – the point should be to open oneself to the possibility to become partly canine.