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Chapter 1

Kennel Documents


Chapter 2

The Breeder and breeding dogs


Chapter 3

About the APBT breed


Chapter 4

Ailments & Diseases 


Chapter 5

Feeding, Nutrition and Health



Chapter 5.1


5.1.1  Choices with feeding

The journey of feeding your dog

Your dog is what it eat

Peg a starting point

Various feeding methods & choices

Feeding and exercise goes hand

Can dogs be omnivores?

Safe canine protein main

Supplement vegetables, herbs & fruit

Variety the key

Survive vs. thrive vegan diet

Domesticated dogs are not wolves

Veterinarians talk

What you give to eat

Dogs recipe book

WDJ - Feed your dog right

DCM heart disease

Next generation of pet owners

Bones & Chews

Rawhide Chews

Start by asking questions

Nutritional Genomics discussion


5.1.2  Animal biome & microbes


Come to know about microbes

Microbes the missing link

Fecal transplants

>   Mineral deficiency microbes

Gut micro biome health


5.1.3  All about supplements

About supplements

The key word is supplements

Supplement choices

Meal-Mix the complete supplements

Phytochemical supplements

Digestive support supplement

Whole food vs synth supplements

Importance of added supplements

Human supplements for dogs

Amino acids supplements

Partial list of supplements

Vedio - partial supplements


5.1.4  Antioxidants

Various sources of antioxidants

Non nutrient antioxidants

Alpha lipoid acid





> Glyconutrients & Saccharides

Idebenone as supplement

Limu Moui seaweed supplement

Lycopene antioxidants

Maqui berry

Oligomeric proanthocyanidins


Vitamin C

Vitamin E




What is Antioxidants

All about free radicals


Antioxidants for optimal health

Antioxidants are nature's answer to inflamatory

The need of antioxidants

Benefits of Quercetin as flavonoids




5.1.5  Amino Acids

What is amino acids

Health benefits

Amino acids index

Amino acids & protein


5.1.6  Commercial supplements to consider

Dr. Becker various supplements

Homeopathic Panleuk Feelgood PetAlive



5.1.7  Bovine colostrums

Bovine colostrum

Milko pup supplement



5.1.8  Carbohydrates


Vedio Carbohydrates intolerance


5.1.9  Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll & dogs eat grass

Health benefits of Chlorophyll

Glyphosate exposure

Grass & Sprouts for pets

Why dogs eat grass


5.1.10  Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver

Feet pads fungi

For the first aid box

DIY project

Antibacterial cream

How to give by mouth


5.1.11  Oils & EFA

Coin oil

Omega 3 fish oils

Nutrostim gel 75g

Krill oil

New formula Krill Oil


5.1.12  Creatine

5.1.13  Dairy


5.1.14  Eggs & eggshells calcium

Eggs as diet supplement

Eggs & egg shells


5.1.15  Digestive enzymes

Probiotics calm

Enzyme support


Complete  probiotics for pets


Digestsive Enzymes & Dry Feed

Essential Fatty Acids & Oils

Pre and Probiotics


5.1.16  Pumpkin seed


5.1.17  Human supplements for dogs



5.1.18  Fermentation foods

Fermented foods

Kefir & sauerkraut

Wild philosophy

Fermented veggies


5.1.19  Fish in the diet

>  Chris Darimont

Know your fish

Wolves & fish

>  Fish for allergies

Mercury vs Methyl

Parasites in fish


Fish for dogs

Use fish not fish oil

Omega-3 the ultimate guide

The other side of fish oil

The downside of fish oils

Sardines for dogs


5.1.20  Fresh fruit & veggies

Vegetables that are safe

Veggies to raw diet

>  Feeding vegetables


5.1.21  Green blends

5.1.22  Green lip muscle 


5.1.23  Herbs

>  Herbs in your garden

>  Herbs as food  &  Herbs for dogs

   Nutritious herbs every dog needs

>  Turmeric golden paste  

     Curcumin & Turmeric

Garlic flakes 2.5Kg

Dry herbs

Arabinogalactan  good sugar & fibre

Herbs and spices for dogs

Health benefits of dandelion


5.1.24  CBD oil as supplement & medicine

>  CBD & dogs

CBD & Oil & Buyers & Guide

Marijuana (not hemp) and dogs

CBD trend for dogs

Why give CBD oil from hemp

Cannabis for APBT

>  New research into CBD

CBD oil for seizures

Hemp Products

Farm bill USA

Know CBD oil for dogs

>  Dr. Silver potforpets


Hemp oil

Cannabis bake and oil


5.1.25  Gut & digestive health & behaviour

> How to help your dog

5.1.26  Honey

>  All about wild honey

Honey the medicine

Honey Cure

Honey & herbs as medicine

Honey and cinnamon

Honey for diabetes

Bee venom

Beeswax for dogs

Natural bee pollen

Propolis for dogs

>  Royal jelly on dogs

Honey & drinking water


5.1.27  Kelp

5.1.28 Minerals

5.1.29  Mushrooms

5.1.30  Gee

5.1.31  Polysaccharides

5.1.32  Skin and coat

5.1.33  Spirulina

5.1.34  Sugar

5.1.35  Ubiqunol & vidio

5.1.36  Vitamins

5.1.37  Fibre in the diet

5.1.38  Water

5.1.39  L-Carnitine Supplement

5.1.40  Vedio Immune Balance supplement

4.1.41  Whole food vs. synth supplements

4.1.42  Apple Cider Vinegar

4.1.43  Blue Liquid

4.1.44  Glucose powder

4.1.45  Joint supplements

4.1.46  Organs & green tripe