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Chapter 1

Kennel Documents


Chapter 2

The Breeder and breeding dogs


Chapter 3

About the APBT breed


Chapter 4

Ailments & Diseases 



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3.1.1  History origins & must know

3.1.2 Within the breed bloodlines

       Yesteryear's dogs & dogmen

3.1.3  APBT behaviours to expect


3.1.10 Pitbull fanatics

          I was born for this



3.1.11  Game or show dog  Game dogs for show dogs  The questions

3.1.12   The breed you want  Mistakes when human baby

               arrives  Can you say yes  First time APBT owner  Puppy go home  The new puppy  Potty training  The since of bonding  Over exercise your pup  Protects babies & kids  Biting behaviour stage  Life lessons


3.1.4   Common misconceptions  Common misconceptions  Worm under the tongue  Pack animal myth  APBT an aggressive dog by trait  Most misunderstanding


3.1.5  Importance of socializing  Socialize & managing  Socialization effect behaviour  Concept of socializing  Socialization & habituation  Practical socializing  Baby Talk


3.1.6   Train and teach  Pavlov conditioning  Commands & gestures  Choke and prong collars

3.1.13   Truth have a flipside  Truth have a flipside  Pitbull the truth


3.1.7   Temperament testing

3.1.8   Awesome power clip

3.1.9   Generalization, profiling &