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Chapter 1

Kennel Documents


Chapter 2

The Breeder and breeding dogs


Chapter 3

About the APBT breed


Chapter 4

Ailments & Diseases 




Back to Chapter 3 - Come to know the APBT

3.2.1.  Equipment used in training


3.2.2.  Mill Work  About the different mills  Cat-jenni mill Photos pdf

Video clips of several Cat-jenni mills ZIP  Slat mill DIY Plans

Video clips of slat mills - ZIP file  Carpet mill & training PDF

Pictures of carpet mills

Video clips of carpet mills - ZIP file  Electric treadmill

Electric mill video clip - 12km/h

How to build electric mill 1   

& electric mill  2













3.2.13.  Tug of war  About tug of war  Tug paraphernalia

Age 10m          Contest  

Fishing tug of  war  

Working the dogs


3.2.14.  Pulling a car or a truck - training

Car Pull 1       Car pull 2


3.2.15.  Tree climbing & fetching lures


3.2.16.  Jumping PDF

Vertical jumping  

Pictures of jumping

3.2.17.Extreme free training

3.2.18.  Born hunters & 

            crab & hold dog

>>  Pictures of hunting


3.2.3.  Breaking stick

3.2.4.  Tyre pull

3.2.5.  Harnesses & Chain pull  Pull Harnesses pull work Chain pull on the run  Chain pulling on snow  Chain pulling - swimming

3.2.19.  Flirt pole  History  DIY Flirt pole  Use a flirt pole

Long rope flirt

Fishing rope flirt

Flirt pole technique  

Flirt pole for strength agility

Stonesharks Kennel teach flirt pole

Pictures of jumping at flirts


3.2.6.   Sledge pull

3.2.7.  Free run full speed


3.2.8.  Yard safe running

Safe running 1

Safe running 2


3.2.9.  Bicycle aid  picture

Bicycle 1       Bicycle 2 



3.2.10.  Wheelchair aid

3.2.11.Vehicle front control

3.2.12.  No pull on leash


3.2.20.  Hanging  World record holder  Long hang

              Pictures about hanging