Registration no. A22A/2007


The home of American Pitbull Terriers.The breed of yesteryear…  The ultimate game dog.

The hardest choice in a dog man’s life is not between the good and wrong, but between the right and best, that is the reason why real APBT breeders are rare.  What I do and stand for as steward of the APBT breed at Manjaro kennel’s is all about the preservation of the real American Pitbull as breed, it is only for the love of this awesome dog. Also my prayer:  “ Now I lay down to sleep – with all my snoring Pit-Bulls at my feet – if I should die before I awake – I pray to God,  that someone like I,  will take .. My dogs”

I am serious and passionate about this breed’s history - more so about their future. I see my role as handing over, not only just another Pit-Bull, but real purebred APBT game dogs as an inheritance for the future generations.                                                  

 This is the real American Pit-Bull terrier, the ultimate breed of dog today, a family dog with a difference - a full time guardian and all round athlete.   Some of Manjaro’s dogs are found around the country also elsewhere and in the hands of wonderful families, owners and breeders who in turn represent, to the public, the positive aspects of the breed. It’s really about interpretation, but breeding the right way shows up in how, and where, the dogs end up. The families that own the dogs and the accomplishments of the puppies in those homes and or during abilities or conformation competitions are the true testament to our breed’s nature and the right reasons for breeding in the first place - the true testament of my kennel and my integrity.

 Except no subsided but the real American Pit-Bull terrier as game dog.

Manjaro kennel is situated - in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, in the in country border region town of Fort Beaufort, 150 kilometers north from the city of East London.

Manjaro kennel is a registered American Pit-Bull kennel and breeder. My registration is with the Southern African Dog Breeders Association. Registration no. A22A/2007 and on request other registration body’s.

Manjaro kennel statement – (I know you have read this before but its true) I do not condone cruelty to animals or breed to sell my dogs for illegal purposes and will not violate the South African 1976 animal welfare act.  I do not condone or advocate illegal activities but I am dedicated to the preservation of the American Pit Bull Terrier in its original form, conformation and trait. I condone the statement - “The only thing I fight is discrimination …”  Where there is vilification, I will teach compassion – where there is scare tactics I will preach temperance – where there are lies I will speak the truth. This said realize some truths about this breed are beyond the point of acceptable debate.
The uninformed or uneducated will question, “What is the Pit-Bull good for except for fighting?” – see
The American Pit Bull Terrier today is the ultimate and most versatile game dog anyone can be proud to own. Then, also the breed of dog most abused and misrepresented by unscrupulous man’s actions and by the media and the uninformed – mostly untrue and unfounded propaganda and then by their stoking the fire to cause misconception.

The American Pit-Bull today has evolved into an awesome working and competition dog, has exceled in a variety of dog sport and is tops in world “super dog contests” and historicaly proven as a fighting dog but most of all a quality family dog.  They offer enormous potential for the everyday household as pet – family dog (that offers a whole lot more than love and kisses should the need arise).  If trained and socialized correctly -also for security, guard and attack dog andwell suited for the farming and industrial communities and most of all as a working game dog. Their super temperament and athletic traits resulted because of the activities ithas historically performed and then byselective breeding programs that enhanced their strong physical traits, and most of all stable temperament.They have a natural pleasure to please and make unreal loving pet dogs for children and the whole family.Read up about their multiple uses throughout history, their heroism and experience their unreal human devotion as guardian and man’s companion and best friend.

Manjarokennel- facilities –I have professional kennel facilities - with kennels12 x 10 m in size, independently fenced in, with special designed maternity wards, for mothers and pups, kennels for weaning young dogs and adult Pit-Bull accommodation. These shelters are perfectly sheltered against the elements- brick build, plastered, painted, floor andwall tiled and roofed with insulated ceilings and electrical lights. All mybreeding dog kennels and run yards drained to keep our kennels not only clean but alsohygienically clean and available roofed yard kennels. Free from diseases, to provide with pride, the very best care and health possible. My dogs are not just breeding’s dogs but each individually my family dogs to love and perpetuate.

Manjaro kennel – health care policy -I have an in house veterinarian visiting and caring for our dogs and kennel accommodation, first hand medical care thus provided.The local SPCA and State Vet are regular visitors and became close friends. All my dogs are health tested before any breeding will be considered as well as pups that will be offered from time to time. Any breeding done only because I need a combination bloodline pup for my futuristic breeding program – that will be the reason of having any Dam or Sire in my kennel in the first place.

Manjarokennel – pedigree status - All my dogs are registered can be perused on our my website their pedigreesare linked on South Africa official American Pit-Bull terrier website -This database dedicated to the American Pit-bull breed and its history, intended exclusively for registered “pure bred A.P.B.T.” This website and database is for South African A.P.B.T’swithpedigrees reaching back to the very beginning, also of South African Pit-Bull breeding’s - a useful tool pursuing pedigrees and linage and photos of ancestry.

Manjarokennelbreed commitment. This - the ultimate game dog- the pure American Pit-Bull terrier was handed to us in South Africa by the first imports by Mr. Charley Bensch from Liq. Kid’s Kennels, Mr. Murry Jürgen’s and Mr. Chris Bekker and others. We were handed the real American Pit-Bull terrier game dogsin South Africa, as specific type – specific breed –specific look and structure and specific conformation, what will we hand to the next generation?

Manjaro kennels with the participation of old-timer Chris Bekker, as consciousand responsible breeder’s andprotectors of the Pit-Bull heritage considerourselves handing the real American Pit-Bull Terrier as the ultimate in game dog –the “Pit bull” of yester year to the future generations.

 What can you ask for more? All myregistered breeding dogs with clear ancestry linage were purposefully and selectively chosen over time, from the very best pure American Pit-Bull terrier game dog bloodlines and gene pool, true to type looks and structure, true to traits and proven gameness and as intense working game dogs, from both locally and imported performing and producing awesome game American Pit-Bull dogs.

Manjaro kennel’s breeding program and goal. I breed mybreeding dogs to a specific defined breeding program, carefully consideringtheir game genetic contribution,usefulness, conformationin looks and structure, traits, and standard as working Bulldogs. I continuously strife to maintain or improving on thesought after Pit-Bull attributes, resulting in awesome, high qualitytop bloodline puppies, extremelyintelligent, with superior structure and solid temperament.I do not focus on looks or colors and you will not find blue or merle or mixed bred oversized Pit bulls here.

The Pit-Bull’s existence today was not only because they were bred for fighting but for intelligence, loyalty and the propensity to win in any dog game sporting competition and for their unreal human devotion as family dogs. Historically proven as all American Nanny and family dogs.

It was said “Pit-Bulls are not mean it’s the people who make them mean that’s mean”

“It’s the owners not the dogs” “Show me a bad Pit-Bull and I’ll show you a bad human”                                           

Manjaro kennels information sharing and support policy – I acknowledge the rich history and do not deny the facts about the American Pit-Bullas game dog and will share my experience and perspectives with all guardians of the breed, in soenhancingresponsibleownershipthus having an impact on the lives of this breed.It was said, “There is none as blind as he who cannot see” Take the time to …..See!  As to gain a historical perspective of the driving force behind the traditional breeding goals and actual respect for this the APBT the ultimate breed of dog, all information and facts (from continuous research and experience) given, should shed some light upon what the Pit-Bull really is as opposed to what the media and uninformed portrayed them to be. Romans 10.V17 states that faith comes by hearing - and I add to this –hear from thosewho really know …. And believe.

Manjarokennel- puppies for sale – from time to time.Realizing each Pit-Bull is an individual and should be treated and judged on their own merit, irrespective of their littermates or ancestry.The pedigree should only be a guideline and does not make or guarantee the dog, the dog will make the pedigree.  Puppies from my specific purposefully bred awesome dogs will be advertised in advance, when available for sale - on my website - under pups for sale. A puppy sale contract is also available. Ithen will presentwith pride, healthy, registered and top bloodline American Pit-Bull puppies that you do not have to make excuses for.

Apply via Email for a puppy purchase sale contract or booking to or contact me by phone 046 645 1659 Mobile Cellphone 082 783 8280 Gawie Grobler.