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A breed of choice – the APBT is not everyone’s cup of tea - MK.

Below some videos for you interest!

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The “real” APBT is a worldwide excepted breed of dog breed - proven as the ultimate in canine and sought after as super working and performing dog to have with awesome traits ... not only as catch dog or as proclaimed fighting dogs but also for various dog sport and as show dogs in all sporting disciplines - this because of their specific refined abilities, traits and unreal correct human friendly workable temperament - the ultimate for all disciplines of active sporting dogs, and more so ...  as sought after family and companion dog dogs of choice.

Manjaro kennels a proud registered breeder for “purebred” generation traceable American Pit Bull Terries with the international game dog online registration databases and with South African Dog Breeders Association.

With Manjaro Pit bulldogs you don’t have to make any excuses –  that’s what they are, working Bulldogs.

With Manjaro Pit Bulldogs experience “real” APBT’s in a class of their own.  Either you will know this or you don’t

Manjaro Pit Bulldogs are of the “real” APBT breed of dogs from yesteryear…
Bred like yesteryear … true to “real” APBT breed standard of yesteryear …
Traits, temperament, conformation, working drives & abilities like yesteryear ...
This the ultimate in family dogs like yesteryear...
this with no uncertain terms

I will not sugercoat or whitewash the APBT breed just for puppy sales. I will reflect the truth with no uncertain terms – the truth is the truth even if no one believes it and a lie is a lie even if everyone believes it.

Know this!
The APBT is not pack animal and will not peacefully live with other dogs.

This breed of dog is a born catch dog with high prey and other drives – awesome attributes derived from their bull and terrier ancestors – the APBT will then by nature and also because they were genetically bred to be – be aggressive to other dogs and animals a-like – just like most Bulldogs and Terrier dog breeds do.

Know this! The domesticated dog are not almost human (even if by our treating and spoiling them as such) - and I know of no greater insult to the canine race to describe them as such.

First and last ... know this! ... A dog is an animal – and with the real APBT ... with a wolf within!

In order to really enjoy your dog – one should not merely try to train them to be semi human – the point should be to open oneself to the possibility to become partly canine.

Realize: dogs are not our whole life – they make our lives whole.
Live your life with your dog – do not let it become just another piece of garden furniture.

Come to know this incredible dog...

5 Things about APBT 

We will be adding our articles and other collected information very soon.  Stay tuned for in depth information overload about everything you want to know and can now about this breed.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change." - Charles Darwin