Registration no. A22A/2007


Manjarokennels.The home of APBT game dogs.

The breed of yesteryear

Bred like yesteryear

The breed standard of yesteryear

Gameness, temperament, traits and like yesteryear...

This is the ultimate in game dogs – the APBT like yesteryear...

At Manjaro’s I breed a family of APBT dogs …

That you don’t have to make excuses for.This a breed to respect.

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Land line 0466451659 – Mobile 0827838280.

I strive to present the best representative of the true APBT as working game,sporting & family dog. I concentrate on breeding Bolio -Mayday/Yellow- Chinaman/Frisco bloodline dogs and their crosses with BalkanDavor’sViliblood from Azraknls  - also as close as possible to the available bloodline blood in South Africa (and then by pure proven APBT sought after genetics and imported  genes because of proven greatness).  When it comes to the American Pit Bull terrier breed of dog (commonly referred to as APBT or Pit Bulls or Pit bulldogs) the hardest choice in anAPBT’s dog man’s life is not between the good and wrong the nice or abilities, but between the right and best, that is the reason why “real APBT game breeders are rare”.   Meeting some real breed fanciers with the same mind-set is also rare.What I do and stand for as steward of the game APBT breed is all about the preservation of the “real” APBTas breed asgame dog… like the Pit Bulls game dogs of yesteryear;it is only for the love of these awesome game dogs.

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train the dog to be semi human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." -Edward Hoagland.                            Also my prayer:  “ Now I lay down to sleep – with all my snoring Pit-Bulls at my feet – if I should die before I awake – I pray to God,  that someone like I,  will take .. my dogs”If there is no heaven for dogs, then I want to go where my dogs go when I die.

I amdead serious and passionate about this breed’s history–but more so about their future.I see myrole as continuously striving to hand over, not only just another APBT or “pet bull”, but real purebred APBT game dogs as an proud inheritance for the future generations.                                                  

The “real” APBT, the ultimate game breed of dog today:  Then to know it’s not just how they were raisedbut how they are bred that’s more about the breed itself.                                                                                                                       They do make extremely good watchdogs if utilized as such, can be and then they are exceptional  and awesome familyand or companion dogs  –in this context just like with any other sought after breed –especially true with correct owners TLC, socialising, specific training, feeding, heath program andconditioning - but this breed  of dog becamea sought after breed of dog to have –because they are awesome all-roundathletes and most of all (fact)because it’s a proclaimed game dogand full time guardian and family dog of choice.But from the onset never to forget they are proven - historically and genetically as dog fighting dogs – firsts and last.This breed of dog, because of their absolute friendly and loving human nature (a breed trait) does not make a good guardor attack dog unless purposefully trained to be and then will be a guard orattack dog of note and of course (this comes with responsibility and accountability.Only the very few apply gameness to gameness and the majority utilize this breed as house dogs and athletes.                                    This is the same as with  other sought after specific types of guards or attack dog breeds likesGerman shepherds,Rottweiler’s, Dobermans etc.thenthese trained dogs are usedas such by the SAPS, military, security and border control and as by personal choice –then also onlyif purposely trained to be and then utilized as such.I never will advise to train an APBT game dog for attack trainingbecause this is a purposely bred dogthat will and can fight dogs by nature and will… if trained to be human aggressive>will then treat humans as they will see a dominant dog – a challenge - or see and treat them as a prey animal and serious bodily harm and even death will result.

Itdoes  seems negative?Nope … but for starters - just the truth. My purpose by making such a statement is therefore not to hype up to sell pups – no! no!>my purpose is to introduce this breed > plainly speaking the truth – if it about APBT it should be about gameness.

Some ofManjarobred dogs are found around the country- also elsewhere, and in the hands of wonderful knowledge families, owners,dog sporting people, breeders and dog men and woman who in turn represent, to the public, the positive aspects of thisbreed,also as competitivedogs at APBT countrywide organized conformation and abilities dog shows.  Mostly with families that own these dogs as family dogsand the proven accomplishments and unreal placid human temperament of Manjaro’s puppies / dogs in those homesteads, and or during abilities,traits or conformation competitions are the true testament to Manjaro dogs nature and the right reasons for me breeding these family line “real” APBT in the first place - the true testament of real APBT dogs, our kennel and ourintegrity.           


When it comes to APBT’s except no subsided but the “real”pure bred APBT as game dog.

Manjaro kennel is situated - in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa, in the in country border region town of Fort Beaufort, 150 kilometres north from the city of East London.

Manjaro kennel is a registered American Pit-Bull terrier kennel and breeder.                                              Kennel registration is with the Southern African Dog Breeders Association Registration no -A22A/2007 and on request other registration body’s.

Manjarokennel statement– I know you have read this before …. But true all the same -I do not condone cruelty to animals or breed raise train or sell Manjarobred APBT dogs for illegal purposes and will not violate the South African 1976 animal welfare act.  I amdedicated to the preservation of the APBTgame dog as family dogin its original form – gameness,breed temperament, breed standard;breed conformation andAPBT breed traits.                                                                                    At Manjaro kennels I do not fight dogs but came to realize these dogs do fight.I feel that myfamily bred APBT dogs are some of the finest of the American Pit Bull Terriers game dogs in the world today.

My extremely high standards are backed by years of combined experience with this breed and with Chris Bekker’sinput (one of the starting fathers of this breed in South Africa - April 1983)and then some other noted breeders and breed enthusiasts -have a very strong reputation of continually striving to produce and do produce the finest dogs with each successive purposely selected generation - breeding as awesome family, companion and ability competitiongame dogs for any discipline. 


With all that said, I will only offer to sell my dogs to those who will provide a living environment conducive to a long, natural, and fulfilled life for these game dogs, in the context of social responsibility.

I go to extraordinary lengths (available at all times to be contacted) to make sure that my dogs have the very best housing, TLC, socializing and training, nutrition and veterinarian care possible, and do require and expect each prospective owner of a ManjaroAPBT dog or puppy to do the same.

Ido condone these statements >“The only thing we fight is discrimination” “ Where there is vilification, we will teach compassion”                                                                                                “Where there is scare tactics we will preach temperance”                                                                                           “Where there are lies we will speak the truth”This said>realize some truths about this breed are beyond the point of acceptable debate.

The uninformed or uneducated will question, “What is the APBT good for except for fighting? And they do fight – see-

Looking at this breed - The APBT today is the ultimate and most versatile game, family and sporting dog anyone with an understanding of this breed can be proud to own. Then, also the breed of dog most abused and misrepresented by unscrupulous man’s actions and by the media and the uninformed – mostly untrue and unfounded propaganda, and then by those stoking the fires to cause misconception.But the again the APBT is not everyone’s cup of tea.The APBT today has alsoevolved into an awesome all-round working, sporting hog hunting and competition dog, a purpose for thisbreed in the modern times and fast-paced societywe live in, has exceled in a variety of other dog sport and is tops in world super and ultra dog contests and historically proven as a game fighting dog, but most of all proven as quality family dog to have.  They offer enormous potential for the everyday household as pet  and  companion and well suited for the farming and industrial communities. Their super submissive human friendly temperament and athletic traits resulted because of the activities ithas historically performed and then by selective breeding programs that enhanced their strong physical traits and gameness, but most of all stable temperament.They have a natural pleasure and desire to please manand make unreal loving pet dogs for children and the whole family – supervised and trained of course.Read up about their multiple uses throughout history and today in our modern society, their heroism and experience their unreal human devotion as guardian and man’s companion and best friend.

Manjarokennel- facilities –kennels12 x 10 m in size, independently fenced in, with special designed maternity wards, for mothers and pups, kennels for weaning young dogs and adult APBT accommodation. These shelters are perfectly sheltered against the elements- brick build, plastered, painted, floor andwall tiled and roofed with insulated ceilings and electrical lights and heating when needed. All my breeding dog kennels and run yards drained to keep our kennels not only clean but alsohygienically clean and available roofed yard kennels. Free from diseases, to provide with pride, the very best care, health band exercise possible. My dogs are not just breeding’s dogs but each individually my family dogs to love and perpetuate.

Manjaro kennel – health care policy–I have an in house veterinarian (his name and telephone number can be supplied on request to contact) visiting and caring for my dogs and kennel accommodation, first hand medical care thus provided. The local SPCA and Vet are regular visitors and became close friends. All my dogs are health tested before any breeding will be considered as well as pups that will be offered from time to time.                                                                                                                 See article on breeding your dog on this website.                                                                                                                      Any breeding done only because I need a combination bloodline pup for myfuturistic breeding program – that will be the reason of having any breeding Dam or Sire in my kennel in the first place.                 I havebeen breeding a family of APBT dogs at Manjaro Kennels known for workable human friendliness.

Manjarokennel – pedigree status - All my dogs are registered and can be perused on Manjaro’swebsite their pedigreesarealso linked on and various APBT database’s dedicated to the American Pit-bull terrier breed and its history, intended exclusively for registered “pure bred A.P.B.T.” withpedigrees reaching back to the very beginning, also of South African APBT breeding’s - a useful tool pursuing pedigrees and blood linage and photos of ancestry.

Manjaro’sbreed commitment. This - the ultimate game dog- the “pure” APBT was handed to us in South Africa by the first imports by Mr Charley Bensch from Liq. Kid’s Kennels, Mr Chris Bekker, MrMurray Jürgen’s and  then by many others. We were handed the “real “ APBT game dogsin South Africa, as specific breed type, with specific temperament, traits, abilitiesand gameness –with a specific breed standard look and structure and with a specific conformation, what will we hand to the next generation?

Manjaro kennels participation. In participation with some others breeders and fanciers as conscientious and responsible breeder’s,ownersandprotectors of the APBT’s heritage, considerourselves handing the “real” APBT as the ultimate in game dog –the “Pit bull” of yester year to the future generations.

What can you ask for more? All ourregistered breeding dogs with clear ancestry linage were purposefully and selectively chosen dogs, genetics taken in consideration, and bred from and over time from the very best “pure” APBT game dog bloodlines and gene pool available, true to breed type, looks and structure, true to traits,gameness, temperament and as intense working game dogs, from both locally and imported performing and producing game APBT dogs.

Manjaro kennel’s breeding program and goal.I breed myselective breeding dogs to a specific defined breeding program, carefully considering theirtemperament, game genetic contribution, usefulness, conformation in looks and structure relating to the breed standard, traits, and as working “Bulldogs”. I continuously strife to maintain or to improving on thesought after APBT attributes, resulting in awesome, high quality top bloodline puppies, extremely intelligent, with solid structure,temperament, pry drive and gameness. I do not focus on “looks or colours alone” and you will not find blue, merle, overly white, mixed or breed oversized APBT here.

The APBT’s existence today was not only because they were bred for fighting but also for intelligence, loyalty and the propensity to win in any dog game sporting competition or whatever you put up in their face and for their unreal human devotion and friendly temperament“to please” as family or purpose ability dogs. This breed was historically proven as the “all American Nanny” and family dogs, even today in knowledgeable responsible owner’s hands.

In context the truth >It was said “Pit-Bulls are not mean its people who make them mean that’s mean”“It’s the owners not the dog”“Show me a bad APBT and I’ll show you a bad human”                                          

Manjaro kennels information sharing and support policy. I acknowledge the rich history and do not deny the facts about the APBT as game dog and will share my experience and perspectives with all guardians of the breed, in so enhancingresponsible ownershipthus having an impact on the lives of this breed of dog. This said - some facts are beyond arguing about.It was said, “There is none as blind as he who cannot see” take the time to ….. see … go and see!  As to gain a historical perspective of the driving force behind the traditional breeding goals and actual respect for this the APBT the ultimate breed of dog, all information and facts from research and experience given on this web pagepositive and negative should shed some light upon what the APBT really is, as opposed to what the media and uninformed portrayed them to be. Romans 10.V17 states that faith comes by hearing - and I add to this –hear from thosewho really know …. and believe ….. or be a Thomas and put your finger in the nail wound to prove it.                                                                                                                                                            You can also contact and talk about the APBT breed on my Facebook page “Gawie Grobler”

Manjaropuppy sales – from time to time.                                             Realizing each APBT is an individual and should be treated and judged on their own merit, irrespective of their littermates or ancestry. The pedigree should be a guideline (to know what genetic value lies behind the family tree) but does not make or guarantee the dog in question;each individual dog with the correct TLC and conditioning, training and given opportunities to compete can make the pedigree and their owner proud.  Puppies from my specific purposefully bred APBT breeding dogs will be advertised in advance  - and when available some might be offered for sale –see this on Manjaro’swebsite - under pups for sale or my Facebook “GawieGrobler”. A puppy sale contract is also availableon this website (see documents) to pursue and will address all your questions. Then I will presentwith pride, healthy, registered and top bloodline APBT puppies that you do not have to make excuses for.GawieGrobler. – Gawie MK.